Are You Making This Social Media Mistake?

Effective social media strategies require focusThe most important component of any effective social media strategy is actually quite simple. And yet many companies overlook it.

That’s because social media is exciting. It’s always changing, everyone’s trying it, and it’s tempting to just jump in and get started.

But that’s a big mistake.

Before you create a social media plan, set up company accounts and pages or take any other steps, you need one very important thing: focus.

You need to determine:
1. Who you are trying to reach
2. What type of information they will find valuable

That’s it. The answers to those two questions should guide all your social media efforts. While it’s good to share information that shows your company’s personality and fun side, 98% of what you post should be helpful to your target audience.

Your prospects and fans are busy. If you get too far off topic or clog their Facebook or Twitter feed with posts about every song you listen to, workout you complete or sandwich you eat, they’ll simply stop following you. (Unless you’re music critic, personal trainer or chef, of course.)

If your company is already active in social media, you should review your messaging periodically to make sure you’re staying focused. The online world moves fast, and it’s easy to get off topic. In fact, a good rule is to stop before you post anything and ask yourself, “Will our audience find this useful?”

And if you want to share your views on politics or sports, post the latest photos of your dog or cat or kid, or note that you had pizza for lunch, set up personal accounts for yourself on Facebook and Twitter and share away.

Social media holds a great deal of potential for companies who approach it correctly. Stay tuned for more posts to help you maximize your online efforts!

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